January 31, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Catching Fire
The second in The Hunger Games trilogy. Devoured this YA book in less than a day - yup, did not do much of anything else until I closed the book. I love this series. Yes, it is dark, but there is such a sense of hope and resistance as well. And maybe what is unexpected is that the main character is a girl. That makes a nice change no? Cannot wait for the final book that comes out later this year.

2. For Your Listening Pleasure
If you have never read or heard David Sedaris, what are you waiting for? He is funny, and caustic, and self-absorbed, and did I mention funny? Listened to this short audio recording while doing the dishes and cannot think of the last time that chore was so much fun. I've read all his stuff, and he makes me laugh out loud.

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