January 11, 2010

Random Musings

  • So, the New England Patriots (football for those not in the know) lost yesterday and are done for the season. Well, not a surprise really, but still. Who to root for now? Love the angry look of the Cardinals logo. Maybe the Vikings - love Brett Farve.
  • Dropped my car off at the mechanic today. The engine is revving by itself - reminds me of Christine - and the temperature gauge gets pegged - it is overheating. The reason for all these trials - the car is not being driven enough! Good news is that is easy to fix.
  • Spent the afternoon with my nephews on Saturday and love the long philosophical and theological conversations we have. So much fun.
  • Cannot believe that in all my stacks of books from the library I have not a single fiction book to dive into. How that heck did that happen? Umm, yes, I am aware that I have loads of books on my bookshelves downstairs I have yet to read. But that is not the point. Maybe will take that car for a spin to the library later this evening.

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