October 26, 2010

Home Ownership

There are times I really want a condo. Home ownership is a lot of work - but I do love our home - so that evens things out.

Lately, I am feeling quite accomplished. Fixed three things:
  • opened up the Honda manual and figured out how to fix my car
  • got out the ladder and roof patch and crawled around on the shingles in preparation for winter
  • wrestled a slimy snake through the trap to unclog the bathroom drains
Who knew I was so handy with tools?

October 25, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Creative Wildfire
Fun colors, good ideas and fun ways to bind books that I will certainly play with.

2. Nature Inspired
The ideas are fun, but the pages are too frilly for my taste.

3. Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk
Quite enjoyed this book. Sedaris explores human traits using animal characters in short vignette form. Loved the drawings - but be warned, the subject matter is rather dark.

October 22, 2010

It Gets Better

Take a zero-tolerance attitude to bullying. You could save a kid's life.
To learn more, click here.

Recent Reads

1. The Big Short
My book club selection this month rocked my world. It changed my mental models and helped me connect dots I had not understood before. I have always heard about how the middle class adds stability to a country and while reading this book, I finally understood what that means - the real reason why we did not have a bloody revolution after this latest financial market fiasco. The fact that much of what went on was not understood even by the principal players, does not explain to me why it was actually not illegal. Much to ponder and marinate on. Loved this book.

2. Sh*t My Father Says
This funny little book was the prefect antidote to reading the one above. When I took a break from arm waving, was able to read and laugh out loud at some of these funny pieces. I hear that William Shatner will play the Dad on a new TV show based on the book. He would be prefect.

3. Nine Dragons
Listened to this book on the road trip to A2. While I really like Harry Bosch, this series is losing steam. This was not a good book - convoluted plot and the action made Jack Bauer look like a wuss.

4. My Life So Far
I've always liked Jane Fonda. Listened to about half of this on the ride back from A2. Interesting parts, but not compelling enough to finish it.

5. Swimming Lessons
You know that nagging feeling that you've read a book before? Well, had it for this one. Chick lit with a nature twist. Found the turtle info interesting, but the story itself was a little juvie for my tastes.

October 21, 2010


My photo group theme for the month is Pumpkin. Here are my photos.

October 19, 2010

Dry Dock

The USS Cassin Young is being worked on. So very cool to be able to see what she looks like below the water line.

October 16, 2010


The prompt I had given my local art journal group was to create pages inspired by the works of famous/or not-so-famous artists. What is it about their work that inspires us? Had a fun discussion on these topics and as always left with great ideas to try out myself.

I've already posted my pages based on Bua's work here and here.
These are ones inspired by Jackson Pollock. Have always been mesmerized by his canvases - he always has such energy to his works. Mine were created on colored card stock using a candle and a box of Crayola crayons. Cool no? Love these so much that I might create a larger canvas piece using the same idea.

October 15, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Inspired to Quilt
I don't quilt, but many of these ideas work for journals as well. Fun book to browse for inspiration.

2. Collage Lab
Another idea book from the Lab series. Good to get you started if you are stuck.

3. The English Assassin
Slowly working my way through this series - am not loving it, but it holds my interest.

4. The Help
First ebook I bought and I love it. I am always fascinated by the servant/master relationship and particularly by how that played out in the south post slavery. A really good, if disturbing, read.

5. Mockingjay
The final book in the YA Hunger Games trilogy has been much anticipated. This is as good a read as the others in the series - dark, but good.

October 14, 2010

Injury Time Out

Pulled a muscle in my left leg and have been hobbling around like Quasimodo. Wish I had an interesting story to tell - like I pulled it while climbing Everest, or some other adventure. Am left with an appreciation of what I take for granted - being able to walk pain free.

Love how this page turned out - the background was created using bubble wrap. Fun.

October 13, 2010

21 Secrets

I decided to play with others online. Signed up for 21 Secrets and am getting some great ideas. Have worked my way through several of the workshops, and while not all are good, am having fun.

Another page inspired by the work of Justin Bua.

October 11, 2010


Well, not sure that everyone celebrates the "discovery" of the new world by Columbus, but in our house we have much to celebrate. A 19 year anniversary. Time sure does fly.
Happy versary Babes. 82.

October 10, 2010


10.10.10. So cool a calender date no?

The thing about trips where you spend time with lots of people, don't get enough sleep, etc, is that you have fun, but usually also pick up some dudus. Am sick and making good use of recovery days.

Watched a good game between Michigan and Michigan State yesterday. Such energy in that stadium in Ann Arbor - I've attended a game there, so I know. You feel your very bones vibrate. Since Susan is a State alum, we were rooting for them - though that dang Go Blue song is dang catchy. The Spartans won, so the Paul Bunyan trophy will continue to reside in Lansing for the fourth consecutive year. Such quaint traditions in college games.

October 8, 2010


And just like that it is October. There is something disconcerting about taking a trip during which the months change. Always leaves me discombobulated for a while. Kinda like I misplaced days somewhere. Know what I mean?

Anyways, am back home after a trip to Ann Arbor and Chicago. So many fun things about the trip - road trip, train trip, lunch with a fellow traveler, reunion with family and friends. Am home and letting it all percolate. To see pics click here.