June 28, 2011

Recent Reads

1. Love and Rockets
I love graphic novels, so tried out this award winner and was not impressed. Gave up about halfway through - just could not get into it.

2. The Kitchen House
Loved immersing myself in this read. Reminded me of Gone with the Wind - a good saga. This is not an easy story - after all how can a story about a white indentured servant and slaves be easy? There were parts where I was so angry I could barely see the words on the page, but really loved the story.

3. The Professor and the Madman
My book club selection this month is a fascinating read. I learned much about the making of the OED - things I had not even thought about! Love when that happens.

4. Art at the Speed of Life
This is a fun book full of inspiration and eye candy.

June 25, 2011

Rainy days

Feels like it has been raining for ages in this part of the world and I for one am wondering whatever happened to long, lazy summer days. The forecast is for sunny days ahead and I am delighted.

June 24, 2011

Exactly Seven

The photo theme of the month is Exactly Seven and my nephews were delighted to help with the project.

June 22, 2011

Journal Page

Been exploring capturing human faces this year, and am delighted with how this turned out. I feel like I really captured the essence I wanted.

I am still drawing strangers. For some reason that seems to have much less pressure than attempting to capture the face of someone I know. Am working up the confidence to try it.

The background is an acrylic wash and the man is done with ink and watercolors.

Recent Reads

1. The Imperfectionists
I had no idea when I started reading this book that it was a group of connected short stories - so that was a surprise. While I did not love it, it was an interesting read and got me thinking about the dying world of print newspapers and how we get our news today.

2. The Clan of the Cave Bear
This series has been on my list for ages, and decided to simply dive in this summer. I loved this first book in a series of six, and can see what all the fuss is about. Such a fun, escapist read.

3. The Last Oracle
Every now and then I dive into the thriller genre - my idea of popcorn - and have read a few books by this author. A quick, if not all that great a read, with interesting things to ponder in regards to how we address nuclear waste globally and the plasticity of the human brain.

June 19, 2011

Journal Page

Had fun creating this page.

The background had splashes of yellow acrylics left over from another project. I tend to like starting on a page that already has something on it - not that blank white.

While sipping tea, munching on a cinnamon scone and flipping through a magazine (a magic combination for me), came across an image by R.Stein that I liked. Drew the outlines at the book store and then added color and texture when I got back home. Used watercolors, acrylics and a henna stencil. Fun page to create.

June 16, 2011


A big night in Boston for Bruins fans last night.

Game 7 of the Stanley cup. The Bruins dominated the game, and won: 4-0. The last time was 1972. Fans have been waiting a long time.

There was much celebration in Bean Town after the win. Fireworks in the North End. Light displays at the Garden. Horns from boats and cars. People hooting and hollering. Choppers overhead capturing the joy of the crowds. And to top it off, the USS Constitution shot off a cannon. There is much joy in this part of the world today.

June 15, 2011


An update live from the boat this morning. The rain has abated and the sun is finally out - just in time to celebrate Babes birthday. It has been so cold and wet the past several days, I kept checking to see if my toes were rooting. On the plus side, everything is wonderfully green.

It is nice to finally have internet connectivity on the boat. With the 10 foot tides here in Boston, it has been an issue getting online with the marina network. Finally fixed.

Boston in the summer, on a boat is a fab place to be.
Happy birthday Babes. 82.

June 14, 2011

Journal Page

Am having fun playing with henna stencils that my Mom brought for me. This is one of three hand stencils. Love the intricate patterns. And more impressive is watching henna artists apply it freehand in lovely patterns. That kind of skill must come after years of practice.

The page was created used black and white acrylics. Love the halo effect.

June 13, 2011

2011 Tony Awards Opening Number

Love this.

Journal Page

As you've probably read in a recent post, I've got birds on my mind.

Had fun playing with watercolors, acrylics and stencils. I find it interesting that the pages I create very rarely look like anything I had in mind when I first start out. I just go along for the fun ride and see what happens.

June 12, 2011

Recent Reads

1. My Reading Life
Delightful book. I love works by the author and this was no exception. Some of the best conversations I've had involve hearing about the books that shaped peoples lives. So imagine my delight when one of my fave authors writes just such a book. A love letter for readers.

2. The Forgotten Garden
I love rainy summer days when I'm lost in a good book. First book I've read by the author and what a fun romp I've had. Good storytelling with a touch of mystery that spans continents and generations. I'm still lost in space and time after finishing this last night. Love books like that.

June 10, 2011


We've been having the strangest weather season out here in the east - hot, cold, thunder storms, tornadoes. While watching the tornado activity in the western part of the the state was captivated by the Doppler radar images of the activity. Kinda like impressionist art.

June 8, 2011

Recent Reads

1. Elizabeth 1
I love the author and was delighted to have a new book to dive into and was not disappointed. I did not love, love it, but it was a fascinating read and I filled in more blanks about one of my fave historical families, the Tudors. Read this is hard cover and at 688 pages, there were times I really felt I could use a kickstand for the book - talk about sore wrists. Another reason why ebooks are so appealing.

2. Sing You Home
I like the author, but think that when she cranks out a book every year she looses something in the telling of a story. This was an OK read, but I would not recommend it - rather formulaic and the characters are not well developed.

June 6, 2011


It is hard when you live in climes that have essentially 10 weeks of summer - so much to pack in to such a short time.

We've got interesting bird activity in the yard this season.

There is a bird (mourning dove maybe) that has made it's nest under the porch. She (he?) has been patiently sitting in the nest for weeks and does not seem fazed at all by any noises we make. Cannot wait to see what happens.

Then there was the robin that built a nest on the windowsill earlier this spring. Came home from a trip to find the nest abandoned and a cracked blue egg in it.

And then just a couple of minutes ago looked out the window and saw a huge scavenger bird (vulture? buzzard? do we even have those in these parts?) swoop down to pick up some road kill. When I say huge, I mean huge - wing span at least 5 feet.

I clearly need to dig out my birding book so I can start to identify all these visitors.

June 4, 2011

Journal Page

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. PJs for example.

I've been all atwitter since Barnes & Noble announced the new nook a couple of weeks ago. A device focused on readers - no games, no web browsing, no 3G, no nothing - but a light E-Ink device for reading with no other distractions. Cannot wait to actually touch one next week. I love, love, love my current nook, but know that I'll find it a good home if I upgrade. Sometimes toys are just such a treat.

June 2, 2011


The tornadoes that touched down in our state yesterday left a path of destruction in its wake. Other than big boomers, incredible lightning, heavy rain and high winds, we are fine. But there are many people not so lucky this morning.

While reading in bed early yesterday morning, caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and heard a chipmunk squeak. A bird of prey (with such a distinctive call) had swooped down into the yard in front of me and picked up breakfast. It reminds me again that Nature is not all about beauty and peaceful glades. I wonder what plans that chipmunk had for the day.


For those of you who write, you might be interested in getting a monthly prompt from The Domino Project. You can sign up here.

As usual when I write, the censor raises it's ugly head - especially if there is a chance that others might read what is written. To avoid the monster, I'm going to keep my writing private this month and then decide if there are parts I wish to share with a wider audience.

Wanna write too? We can compare notes at the end of the month.

June 1, 2011


The Sketchbook Challenge theme for May was Resist. Creating a resist with crayola crayons is immediately what came to mind. So pulled out my box of crayons - doesn't everyone have one? - and played with making marks and not thinking about the end result. A wash of watercolor. Done. Easy peasy way to play.