February 29, 2008

Visual Journal

Some recent entries:

February 28, 2008


Climate Connections recently had a podcast on the Maldives, and I was reminded of the azure waters and lovely atolls. Hugs to all my cousins out there. Here are some photos from my visit in 03.

February 26, 2008

Oscar turns 80

I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch the Oscars last Sunday. Here are 5 random thoughts of the night:
  1. I love the red carpet - it's fun to see what people are wearing; even though they might not have eaten for months to look that good.
  2. Jon Stewart was an awesome host - love his sense of humor, and I almost fell off my couch when he talked about how usually when we have a black or woman president, some asteroid is about to crash into the planet.
  3. Was it just me or was everyone waiting to see who would take a header on the slippery spot?
  4. I had only seen one of the films nominated in any category (Juno).
  5. Love that so many of the Oscars went to foreigners.

February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Hope you got out last night to see the last total lunar eclipse until 2010. It was visible from all of NA, and we lucked out with a clear, cold night. Babes and I bundled up and headed outside with hot chocolate to watch the magic. Absolutely stunning.

Imagine what it was like when the moon was the only light at night, and as you looked up it started to get "eaten" - surely you must have felt that you angered the gods in some way.

February 20, 2008

Recent Reads

1. Bird by Bird
A couple of my book club buddies and I are taking a personal essay class, and this book was recommended by the instructor. I loved it. The author is honest, funny and gives good advice - several of which I have already started to use.

2. Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trip
Absolutely delightful. I have already taken several of these trips, and so many more to go. Wonderfully inspirational - got the travel itch!

February 19, 2008


Caught the nasty bug thats been floating around and been doing a lot of sleeping the past several days. Finally feeling better, and am so excited about that.

4 things to be happy about:
1. Susan and I had an excellent brunch at here:
- always feels like you suddenly landed in Paris
- their hot chocolate is out of this world
2. We attended a concert at Symphony Hall:
- Mozart's Requiem by the Handel and Hayden Society
- wonderful afternoon of music
3. Finally got a chance to visit the Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston:
- it really is quite a beautiful church
- the Mapparium is simply amazing - could send hours in there
4. My parents are in town - been ages since I last saw them.

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

This is a day filled with so many expectations.

So what do you want today?
Have you asked for it?
Or better yet, why not give it to yourself?

Got hand-made cards and dino brownies decorated with frosting and M&Ms from my nephews. Plan on enjoying some of them with lunch today.

February 12, 2008

TV Shows

Those of you who know me, know that I do not have cable, and I'm aways asking friends to recommend shows they find interesting. Here are a couple that I am currently watching on DVD:

1. Friday Night Lights
I love this show. Stumbled upon it on Amazon and am hooked. I'm currently watching season 1, which I'm told is the best season. I know that states like Texas have passionate high school football fans, and honestly, I have never understood why. I mean, it's high school. This show is so much more than high school and football - love how it is done.

2. Ugly Betty
I have friends who constantly tell me about this show, so I've watched season 1. I really dislike the name of the show - but like that the main character is mexican and looks like she eats once in a while. Very soapish with some interesting twists.

3. House
I have yet to meet a medical show I did not like. I find the guy rude, the women inspid, but love the mystery of solving a case from clues. Am learning about all these diesases I had no idea about. Am in the midst of season 2.

What's your fave show?

February 11, 2008

Visual Journal

Where does the weekend go? Seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. Winter is back - temps around 9F this morning; wind chill even lower. Ouch.

Some new pages. I find that I like doing the detailed line drawings while listening to a podcast. Something soothing about it.

February 8, 2008

Grass as a keystone species

Check out this fascinating talk by Michael Pollen.

Recent Reads

1. To Kill A Mocking Bird - what am amazing book!
I love the idea of an entire town reading the same book - we started the one town, one book program last year, and this book is the 2008 choice. Wow! It puts a whole new meaning on the word "classic". I read that this was the only book Harper Lee published - well, one is all she needed to write I guess. How does one follow up that book? Absolutely loved it.

2. The Digital Photography Book
Not as technical as many of the books on photography I usually read - but this is a good refresher.

3. True Colors
I love visual journals, and love the idea of collaborative journals. This book is a fun look at how some women artists interpret color.

February 7, 2008

Visual Journal

Found that I did not create much in terms of art in Jan - not sure why - maybe just needed time away from my supplies. I've decided to try something new - 2 books of very different sizes and materials. The smaller one is a 2008 calendar - got it for $2 at B&N - clearance once the holiday rush is over. The nice thing is that I can create 2 page spreads, and am less inclined to worry about messing up "good paper".

February 6, 2008


The great news is that we moved our company to Acton, which makes my commute about 10-15mins on back roads - I love it!

The problem (if one can call it that) is that it is too short a time to really get into a book. So I've started listening to podcasts more. A couple that I regularly subscribe to are:
1. On Point with Tom Asbrook (NPR)
2. Fresh Air (NPR)
3. The Connected Generation
4. The Accidental Creative
5. Education with John Merrow

I'm always looking for new ones, so added several more that I have not had a chance to listen to yet. What's your fave podcast?

February 4, 2008

Super bowl 42

Oh what a game! Even though the Pats lost, it was a great game until the end - and that is what made it fun to watch. Some really good football - though Brady was not hot yesterday - was his ankle bothering him more than he let on? Either way, the Giants deserved to win the game - they simply played better football.

It's funny how quickly the dynasty story got squashed. I think there was simply too much pressure to be perfect. What does the rest of the season matter, if you cannot win the games that really count? Well, it's 6 weeks to baseball right? :-)

February 2, 2008