August 29, 2007

Moon Walk

The moon has featured prominently in my life recently.

Yesterday morning, S and I had a breakfast picnic as we watched the lunar eclipse. It started around 4:50am and lasted for almost 2 hours. We drove to the park, but there was a huge cloud bank in the way. Moved over to the golf course and were treated to the most spectacular sight. I drew sketches of what I saw - will post the page later. When the moon dipped behind houses, we moved back to the park to continue watching. It was a beautiful morning. Chill in the air. Huge moon getting eaten. And then sun rose behind us. The eclipsed moon dipped again behind a cloud bank towards the end, so we missed the last bit - but no complaints here. There was only one other family out there watching. Amazing what wondrous things happen while most people are asleep.

The huge moon was distracting again later last night on our way to dinner. I'm amazed that there were not more accidents as motorists got lost in the sight. And then this morning (it's dark again by 5:30!), the moon lit up my walk. It was a one bunny day. To be honest, there might have been more bunnies about, but I was blinded by the lovely lantern in the sky.

August 27, 2007

Summer Music

The Summer Music Series in Lowell is one of the gems of the town.
It's a perfect way to have a picnic, enjoy lovely summer evenings and listen to awesome music.

We recently checked out 2 concerts:
One of them was my first Indigo Girls concert. The place was packed with people of all ages, and I liked their music - turns out I know some of their songs. Melissa Ferrick opened for them - she was good, but not as great as when she is in her angry/rocking mode. Met up with friends A&M for a fun picnic and a great night under the stars.

I discovered Koko Taylor several years ago - a chance encounter with an NPR show. I love her music. What a voice. Koko's concert left me feeling a little strange. I guess I had no idea that she was 77 and it felt uncomfortable to sit and expect her to entertain us. It's funny how people don't age in your mind when you don't get regular updated. Her band really rocked, though it was strange that her manager gave false information about her. Shemeika Copeland opened - a young woman with an incredible voice that will only get better.

August 24, 2007

What's up with Vick?

The 4 most recognizable QBs in US football are (in my fave order) Brett Farve, Tom Brady, Michael Vick and Peyton Manning.

Vick is exciting to watch - he makes things happen. When the news broke earlier this year about dog fighting on his land, I bought into his denial - it was not me; i have no idea of what might have happened on far flung corners of my land, etc. Why? Because I did not want it to be true. I could not believe that he would be that stupid. Well, he fessed up this week. What an idiot (for doing it, not for fessing up). There go his endorsements and he's very likely to do jail time. This is not something he's going to be able to shake off. There is sense of disgust directed at him.

How do I feel? To quote Armand in "Birdcage".... betrayed, bewildered......

August 22, 2007


My god-father passed away recently.

I had always thought that I was his only god-daughter, so was surprised to learn when I visited him in May that he actually has 3. One is my cousin, and one a total stranger - a lovely person I met for the first time. There might be others I have yet to learn about.

Though I thought of my uncle often, I never really gave much thought to having a god-father. I am surprised at how much I miss having one.

Dragon Boats

Am usually not in town for the Lowell dragon boat races. It's not as large as the one in Boston, but still fun. I don't realize how often I am the only person of color around, until I find myself surrounded by them. Delightful.

We took my nephews to their first ever dragon boat race. They kept looking for fighting dragons :-) Luke is quite the photographer - he kept stopping so he could take a photo - too cute.

August 13, 2007

Quote of the Day

I read and walked for miles at night along the beach, writing bad blank verse and searching endlessly for someone wonderful who would step out of the darkness and change my life. It never crossed my mind that that person could be me.” -Anna Quindlen

August 9, 2007

Recent Reads

1. The Innocent Man by John Grisham
My book club book for July. I am a Grisham fan, so was looking forward to reading his first attempt at non-fiction. Most of the women in the book club had not read Grisham before and really liked the book. Unfortunately, I did not like it at all. I found the writing clunky and awkward. Where was that great story-telling style of his? On the positive side, the story is an interesting one, and gave us lots to talk about. I applaud him for trying a new genre - but must say that he is much better at fiction.

2. Helen of Troy by Margaret George
I absolutely loved this book. I was a little worried in the beginning - her father was Zeus in the form of a swan?!! - but was hooked almost immediately. It is great fun to read this story from Helen's point of view - we always hear so much about how the guys experienced it, with Helen as the footnote - "the most beautiful woman in the world". I finished the book a couple of night ago, and savored every page. After my sojourn in the land of Helen, Hector, Paris, Achilles, gods, goddesses and heroes I must admit that it has been a tough transition back to reality.

August 2, 2007

3 Bunny Day

There is something magical about early morning walks. Everything is still fresh and new and filled with possibilities.

The other amazing thing is all the wildlife out and about. Always lots of birds. Some days I see deer. Other days bunnies. Last week I stumbled upon a family of turkeys - mama and 6 babies. Not sure who was more startled initially, but as they got used to me, they allowed me to get rather close. I've stopped to move turtles and frogs off the streets, and consider myself incredibly lucky to see wildlife so regularly.

As to the title of this post? My days are named after the animals who grace me with their presence.

August 1, 2007

Latest Audio Book

Angels Fall by Nora Roberts

This audio book is a cross between a mystery and chick lit, and was interesting enough to hold my attention for the complete 10 CDs. I liked the readers voice, so that worked for me too. An interesting story that had me guessing until the end as to whodunnit.

From Publishers Weekly
Roberts's latest novel of romantic suspense is a cunningly calibrated portrait of a young chef's recovery from violent trauma. While driving in the Grand Tetons, displaced Bostonian Reece Gilmore stops in the small town of Angel's Fist, near Jackson Hole, Wyo., and considers the "Cook Wanted" sign in Joanie's, a local diner. Still rattled by a shooting spree at her Boston restaurant that left her wounded and the only survivor among 12 co-workers, Reece is easily spooked, as noted by her plainspoken new boss, Joanie, and the locals who frequent the restaurant. Among them is a wary, unattached mystery novelist, Brody. Indeed, when Reece claims to have witnessed a murder while hiking along Snake River, few except Brody are inclined to believe the skittish new resident: Sheriff Rick Mardson hasn't found any clear evidence of a woman struck down near the river; Doc Wallace is suspicious of Reece's fragile mental state; and Joanie isn't about to cut Reece any slack while running a busy kitchen. Roberts cleverly casts suspicions on the locals while developing the romance between the two feisty protagonists. A slow-burn start combusts in a satisfying denouement; Roberts's legions of fans will be enthralled.