May 29, 2010


Looks like we have great weather on tap for this Memorial Day weekend. It has been so warm here lately that it feels like summer has been here for ages. Love that. Decided to finally start the clothes and shoes migration - a ritual that happens twice a year. All the cold weather stuff is packed away and out come the shorts. Just looking at flip flops make me happy.

Another spread from my Vegas journal. My Mom brought me some mags from India so I finally have some Indian models for my pages. My nieces also created collages using the mags. Fun.

May 28, 2010

Moment of Zen

I've started creating this page in all of my travel journals. The entire page was created while at home, and all I had to do while traveling was fill in the bubbles.

Travel journal

I made a new journal for my trip to Vegas. One of the things I do is prep some of the pages ahead of time - so all I need to do is add text or images while on the road. Here is the first full spread of the journal.

May 27, 2010

Lime Green

The Theme of the Month this time is LIME GREEN. Love color themes. These pics were all captured in Las Vegas on my recent trip out there.

May 26, 2010

Recent Reads

Ah whiling away summer days rocking on the boat - a delicious way to read.

1. Dewey
I like all cats and have loved one in particular, but did not get through this book. Lots of aaah pics and anecdotes, but in the end, simply could not get through it - was kinda like a love letter to the cat.

2. Fallen Skies
Love, love books by the author. Did not love this one, but it was a good read. Historical fiction set in Britain after WW1 - deals really well with many issues of the time - class, damaged vets, lack of women's rights.

May 22, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Moloka'i
Loved, loved this book. Historical fiction is one of my fave genres, and this one is so well written. Learned something new as well - had no idea about the history of the leper colony in Hawaii.

2. The Lightning Thief
This is the first in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. When I visited my nieces, they are all reading their way through this YA series and I love how the books have revived Greek mythology. We had debates about which god we would choose to be and why. Love that! This is a fun, quick read. Not as good as some of the other books in the same category, but fun none-the-less. Think I've found my beach/boating books for the summer - have to read them so I can discuss them with my nieces.

3. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
This book was recommended to me by Shiny - a fellow reader - and all I can say is Wow! This is an incredible gem of a book. Yes it is a young adult (YA) book, but the honesty, directness and poignancy is breathtaking.

May 20, 2010

Mountain's Edge

On a beautiful sunny day we walked up to the summit of Mountain's Edge. Great views. Very windy day. My nieces are adorable. You can see more pics here.

Reading with kids

1. Revolutionary War on Wednesday
Luke (7) is so proud of the number of books he has now read. In Magic Tree House (MTH) # 22 Jack and Annie go back to Colonial America. They arrive just as General George Washington is planning the crossing of the Delaware.

2. Twister on Tuesday
In MTH # 23 Jack and Annie are whisked to a Midwestern prairie in the 1870s. They visit a one-room schoolhouse and learn about the hard life of the pioneers. Luke was impressed that Jack and Annie decided to go back to save people from a twister.

3. Never Let Your Cat Make Lunch for You
Jonah (5) loved the idea of a cat making lunch - and the surprises you'd find.

4. The Kissing Hand
Cute story about a scared little raccoon and his loving mother.

May 18, 2010

Recent Movies

1. The Hurt Locker
Loved everything about this movie. It has been dubbed a war story - but I think it is a human story set during war time. Big difference. Not a single shot or word was extraneous. Wow.

2. Bliss
A well done Turkish film about the cultural mores of honor killing. I was drawn into the story and also realized that there is some good sailing to be had in that country.

3. Departures
A beautiful Japanese movie about death. It takes a little while to figure out what is going on, but so well done. Can see why it won an academy award for best foreign film.

4. Duplicity
Ah, could have been so good with some editing. But falls way short - and with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen that is really a shame.

5. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
Another movie that could have been so much better. Love both Denzel and Travolta but the movie was disappointing.

May 7, 2010

Self Care

Keeping one's batts charged while on the road can be a challenge. I mean your personal batts - not your electronics. Those tend to be much easier to charge - simply plug them into an outlet. If only it was so simple for people! Some of the things I do include getting exercise outside, carving out me time to process stuff that comes up, making time to play and getting enough sleep. What do you do to keep your batts charged?

I almost always get to gatherings early, so having a journal in my bag lets me play while I wait.

May 3, 2010


My goddaughter Bella celebrated her first communion last Saturday. She was simply lovely.
You can see more pics from the day here.

May 2, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Am in Vegas. My niece had her first communion this yesterday. She was lovely. Photos to come.

And of course I celebrated Derby Day by asking each of my nieces to pick a horse, and then we rooted for them as they raced in the muck - was that the worst track ever or what? I was rooting for the only filly in the race - but of course - Devil May Care - and with a name like to boot! She placed 10th. Ah the joys and heartbreak of sports.