May 7, 2010

Self Care

Keeping one's batts charged while on the road can be a challenge. I mean your personal batts - not your electronics. Those tend to be much easier to charge - simply plug them into an outlet. If only it was so simple for people! Some of the things I do include getting exercise outside, carving out me time to process stuff that comes up, making time to play and getting enough sleep. What do you do to keep your batts charged?

I almost always get to gatherings early, so having a journal in my bag lets me play while I wait.


kreativekandy said...

I hear you Elisabeth. You know what I do now, completely unabashedly? When I have time; I nap. Previously I would berate myself for sleeping when I could be exercising, painting, reading(which always lulls me into sleep) or something productive. But I work and play hard, and I'm no kid anymore. As Americans, particularly in the region we live, we're compelled to hit it hard and get it done. To be still is to be self-indulgent. Well, sometimes one needs to indulge in simple rest. Love the picture!!

Kisiwa said...

Oh, I am a total napper. Miss those early days in preschool where you had a banana, biscuit, cold milk and a nap. Should be built into daily work schedules for better health in my opinion!