May 20, 2010

Reading with kids

1. Revolutionary War on Wednesday
Luke (7) is so proud of the number of books he has now read. In Magic Tree House (MTH) # 22 Jack and Annie go back to Colonial America. They arrive just as General George Washington is planning the crossing of the Delaware.

2. Twister on Tuesday
In MTH # 23 Jack and Annie are whisked to a Midwestern prairie in the 1870s. They visit a one-room schoolhouse and learn about the hard life of the pioneers. Luke was impressed that Jack and Annie decided to go back to save people from a twister.

3. Never Let Your Cat Make Lunch for You
Jonah (5) loved the idea of a cat making lunch - and the surprises you'd find.

4. The Kissing Hand
Cute story about a scared little raccoon and his loving mother.

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