August 27, 2010

Art Journal

Love the images in National Geographic - here is one that captivated me recently.

August 26, 2010


Decided to spend an afternoon exploring downtown Lowell recently. Took along my art journal and supplies. The first page was inspired by the Quilts exhibit at the Brush Art Gallery. Ink and markers. The second page was drawn on location and painted with watercolors when I got back home. A fun afternoon that recharged my batts.

Art Journal

Realized after I started sketching that I was not using a water-proof pen, but I like the darkness the ink wash created. Created this page while at my local B&N store - inspiration from a mag I was browsing. Watercolors added later at home.

August 25, 2010

Art Journal

On this dark, cool rainy day, love the bright colors on this page.

Recent Reads

1. Marley and Me
This is a good read. Made me laugh. Made me cry. Made me want to get a dog - well not quite. This was our read aloud book on the boat this summer.

2. How Did You Get This Number?
Stumbled across this book of 9 essays in ebook format at my library. It is a quick and enjoyable read.

3. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
Another book I read in ebook format. I was intrigued by the idea of the story, but was not impressed with the book. The story is told from the point of view of Rose, who at the age of 9 discovers that she can taste her mother's emotions in the food she prepares. As she grows older in this sad disconnected family, her abilities get stronger, and she can identify not only the feelings of the people who prepare food, but the feelings of everyone/everything in the entire food chain. Could not help wondering if I would consider such an ability a gift or a burden.

4. The Red Pyramid
The first book in the new Kane Chronicles introduces kids to Egyptian mythology. The author has gotten rather formulaic in his writing, and while this is not as good a read as the Percy Jackson series, it has some interesting themes.

August 24, 2010


This is what I woke up to. Gotta love it.

Birthday Month

Yup, I celebrate my entire birthday month - who can fit it all into just one day? This page was created on the first day to kick off the celebration.

Art Journal

This one is from our camping trip with my nephews. We had this little sun shade that the boys setup and used as a play pen.

August 23, 2010

Camping with boys

This has been a fun summer with my nephews - we've had weekly overnights all summer and that has given us more time to explore and play.

One of our adventures included a 2 night camping trip in the White Mountains. We got to the Lafayette Campground and setup our tent and tarp right before the heavens opened. Having a fantastic tent that keeps everyone nice and dry - priceless. Lafayette is a lovely campground with a river that ran right by our tent - the only downside is traffic noise - but it was a great location for our first time in the mountains with the boys. Activities included exploring the river, hiking to explore waterfalls and caves, stories by the fire, etc.

To see pics from the trip click here.

August 16, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Where Women Create
An interesting view inside the places some women create.

2. Best Rail Trails New England
So many trails, so little time. Have decided that the Cape Cold trail is on the list after the kiddies go back to school - way less traffic at nearby campground.

3. Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists
A little gem of a book. Wonderful ideas to spark creativity.

4. The Postmistress
Loved the idea of this book - what happens when people do not deliver mail during a time there were few other ways to communicate? The war reporting and descriptions were done quite well, but the execution of the story left much to be desired - the characters were not well developed.

5. Darkness, Take My Hand
You know that deja vu feeling you get that you have read a book before? Well, had that while reading this well written book. The gory details makes it not for the faint-of-heart, but so well done.

6. Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World's Stolen Treasures
With a title like that, who could resist? But this non-fiction book deviated from the theme and is more the author's memoir. Really enjoyed the heist stories, but in the end quit the book. Just do not care enough to read about this guy.

August 10, 2010

Reading with kids

My nephews and I continue to read our way through fab books.

1. Are You Going to Be Good?
Read this one out loud to the boys - a fun story about a kid who is told all the ways he should behave at a party and then he finds an unexpected ally.

2. June 29, 1999
Read this to Jonah. A science experiment has unexpected results. Fun.

3. The First Rule of Little Brothers
The boys had such different reactions to this book. Jonah (the little one) thought that the older brother in the book was mean. Luke (the older one) nodded knowingly as he read it. Yup. He totally understands.

4. Miss Brooks Loves Books (And I Don't)
I love this book - both the story and the illustrations. I had a similar experience while teaching - this kid, Jamie, hated to read. Would not read. I searched high and low and finally found a topic that he was interested in. And you know what? Jamie reads. Love that.

Recent Reads

1. The Killing Floor
My first book by this really popular author. Found it a good read - did not capture me and draw me in, but an interesting read none-the-less. Will look into the other books in the series.

2. The Bone People
This book has been on my bookshelf to read for several years and I finally got around to reading it for my book club. Loved it. The story of 3 broken and damaged people and how they connect. I loved the New Zealand, Maori angle and though the writing style takes some getting used to, a great read.

3. Digital Expressions
Fun book with interesting ideas on how to create digital art.

4. The Passage
The buzz around this book has been incredible. It made the top of my list because it was actually available in ebook format at my library. An epic novel with lots of characters. As you read it, you know that it is not going to end well. Have been lost in the world of vampires for the past week or so. Fun summer read.