August 23, 2010

Camping with boys

This has been a fun summer with my nephews - we've had weekly overnights all summer and that has given us more time to explore and play.

One of our adventures included a 2 night camping trip in the White Mountains. We got to the Lafayette Campground and setup our tent and tarp right before the heavens opened. Having a fantastic tent that keeps everyone nice and dry - priceless. Lafayette is a lovely campground with a river that ran right by our tent - the only downside is traffic noise - but it was a great location for our first time in the mountains with the boys. Activities included exploring the river, hiking to explore waterfalls and caves, stories by the fire, etc.

To see pics from the trip click here.


Maria said...

And I thought I was a good aunt... you two take the cake! And speaking of cake, happy bday! I have an Aug bday too & also celebrated for most of the month... lobster was my celebration of choice!

BTW, you and Howard Zinn share your day. I have a number fetish & remember him whenever I see 8/24 on the clock... I'll add you to the well wishing & sending of good karma!

Great pictures of NH with the boys. I had noticed the flume ticket in one of your other works! Love that place! xox, Maria

Kisiwa said...

Birthday months are great are they not? Yes, we took the boys to the Flume and they loved it. Thanks for keeping my in the good karma loop.