August 10, 2010

Reading with kids

My nephews and I continue to read our way through fab books.

1. Are You Going to Be Good?
Read this one out loud to the boys - a fun story about a kid who is told all the ways he should behave at a party and then he finds an unexpected ally.

2. June 29, 1999
Read this to Jonah. A science experiment has unexpected results. Fun.

3. The First Rule of Little Brothers
The boys had such different reactions to this book. Jonah (the little one) thought that the older brother in the book was mean. Luke (the older one) nodded knowingly as he read it. Yup. He totally understands.

4. Miss Brooks Loves Books (And I Don't)
I love this book - both the story and the illustrations. I had a similar experience while teaching - this kid, Jamie, hated to read. Would not read. I searched high and low and finally found a topic that he was interested in. And you know what? Jamie reads. Love that.

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