August 29, 2008

Pacific City, OR

This is really a lovely spot along the Oregon Coast. Had fun watching the surfers, and climbing the huge sand dune. Saf works at the the Pelican, so has this incredible view almost daily. Additional pics from that day can be seen here.

August 28, 2008

What a day

We are in the midst of an incredible weather window. Decided to work from the boat today - beats being indoors on such a lovely day. Am meeting members of my book club at Castle Island for a picnic and book discussion later this evening. Life is good.

August 27, 2008

Tillamook, OR

The reason to go to Tillamook is to sample the cheese and ice-cream. Simply delicious.
We made a stop along to way for additional sampling at the Blue Heron creamery - yum yum. I brought home a block of Tillamook cheese, and was stopped at security - the guy actually asked me if I had a block of cheese in my bag - so I am not the first to do it. Though, he did have to open the bag and check the cheese out.

Here are some of the pics of my parents and sister. Additional pics from that day can be seen here.

August 26, 2008

Lincoln City, OR

Love the Oregon coast - it stretches out endlessly and the fog makes it spooky. You can see the rest of the pics from Lincoln City here.

August 22, 2008


A lovely day to explore. The Blue Heron creamery has delicious samples and an impressive array of old rusting farm equipment.

August 21, 2008

Beach Walk

The rain clouds have parted and it's a beautiful morning on the Oregon Coast - at least this part of the coast. The yellow ball in the sky plays peek-a-boo. Lovely photo walk along the beach. I love the sound of surf. Why is it that I do not live on the ocean again?

August 20, 2008

Oregon Coast

Lucked out with a nice couple hour weather window, so Saf, Mom and I headed out for a stroll.

August 19, 2008

Recent Reads

Last weekend I started the search for a book for my week long trip to Oregon. Picked The Favored Child, the second book in the Wideacre Trilogy. I figured with 600+ pages, I could immerse myself in the story for the week. The best laid plans ... completed the book in about 24 hours, so now what do I read next? Well, lucky for me I always have several books waiting in the wings.

August 18, 2008

2008 Olympics

Am I the only one disappointed by what is shown on prime time? Not sure that I need to watch any more synchro diving or beach volleyball, though it has been fun to watch Michael Phelps rock the swimming world. I do love that you can watch other events like badminton, judo, etc online - that is such a great option - not live, but ad free.

August 17, 2008

Traveling Week

Am in Lincoln City, Oregon this week. Looking forward to catching up with my sister and family. Uneventful flights out here - beautiful day to fly. The flights are so full - however Delta does provide free water and soft drinks - such a luxury these days. And your first checked bag is free. Woo hoo! The great news is that since most people check bags, there is plenty of room for my carry on - not a checked bag kinda person.

August 15, 2008


I for one have never understood people who do not celebrate their birthdays. I love them so much I celebrate my birthday month - and this has been a great one so far. Yesterday was my last day of one year (complete with really yummy dinner and presents), and today is the first day of the next. My own new year if you will. Am taking the day off to prepare for my next revolution around the sun.

August 13, 2008

Recent Reads

1. Belong to Me
I primarily picked this book because I liked the photo on the cover. My first time reading work by the author, and while it is classic chick lit, it's better than I expected.

2. True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling
Fun read. Got some good ideas. Love to see how others capture thoughts, time, feelings, etc.

3. 500 Handmade Books
Ooh - what a treat! The only thing missing is how to make the books. I have yet to meet a handmade book I did not like.

4. Books Unbound
Been in a book binding reading jag lately. So many wonderful ways to create a book. This was fun in that the books are not bound - a different way of looking at things? What makes a book a book?

5. How to Make Books
Simple clear directions.

6. Ideaspotting
Am currently reading this thought provoking book.

7. The Lying Tongue
Strange, disturbing and interesting story. Made me want to go back to Venice.

August 12, 2008

Quote of The Day

Honor the land. Revere the horse.

- seen on a billboard in KY (cannot seem to get Kentucky out of my system)

Night at the movies

Check out Rendition - an excellent post 9/11 movie. So excited to finally see a good movie! Good cast and a good story, albeit a very disturbing one.

August 10, 2008

Sailing dogs

We continue to be in a strange weather this summer - huge thunderstorms and pouring rain almost daily - what is up with that? On our sail today, sneaked back in before the heavens opened up - it's really scary to see those dark clouds and lighting strikes when you're out on the water.

Summer Festivals

Summer in the North End is festival time. Strolled through last night in search of my Baccio gellato - yum yum.

August 8, 2008


I got a thing about rust - it's fascinating abstract natural art. These are from the marina.

August 7, 2008

Recent Reads

If you know me, you know that I always travel with 2-5 books, and one of the things I've been working on the past several months is narrowing it down to 1 book - after all I'm not headed to sub-sahara Africa, and there are book stores readily accessible. Well, my fear was realized this week when I traveled with one book - this one - and realized that I was not even remotely interested in it - yup I saw all those stars too. Of course I was on a flight when that discovery happened, so no book stores available - though I did look longingly at what others were reading. That Kindle is looking mighty attractive at the moment - and yes I do realize that if that is my largest problem this week, I'm the luckiest girl alive - but still ....

August 5, 2008

Blue Grass Country

Am in Lexington, Kentucky - blue grass, horse and bourbon country. It's incredibly beautiful. Lush green meadows and white horse fences. Am only here for a quick trip, so will have to come back for an in-depth exploration.

Random items:
  • Marriott Courtyard is completely smoke-free and there is a $250 fine if your room was smoked in - finally!
  • Exposed to way too many out-of-control kids today - and I blame the parents, not the kids
  • Dinner was at local Japanese joint, and it was fun watching a master chef at work at the sushi bar
  • Really, really like flying in and out of little airports - Manchester, NH and Blue Grass, KY
  • With gas prices climbing, it's way more expensive to rent a compact car - keep getting SUVs at a cheaper rate, and there are no compacts to be had - my Carbon footprint went through the roof today - must plant a tree, must plant a tree ....

August 4, 2008

Recent Reads

1. Water for Elephants
My book club is reading this book for August, and I really enjoyed it. Very different from other books I've read - and I got interesting insights into circus life. My first time reading this author and I will certainly check out her other work.

2. Wideacre
My fun summer read. It's Gone with the Wind on steroids. The first part of a trilogy - and I cannot wait to dive into the next 2. A story about how one strong woman loses her way - I shook my head ruefully so many times in the book. It is a bit of a bodice ripper - but so incredibly well done. My 2nd book by this author, and I have loved both. Gulped the 600+ pages in a couple of days - so very satisfying.


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