January 24, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Deconstructing Penguins
I loved this book. How would you run a parent/adult - child book club? The authors walk us through how to discuss the setting, characters and themes of a book using examples. Should be required reading for parents and educators. What the heck, most adult book clubs would benefit from reading this book as well.

2. Something to Declare'
Absolute crap. I love good travel writing, and this book is not one of them. Granted I did not read the entire book - I dipped in and read several stories - do not waste your time.

3. Home Safe
This is a feel-good-fuzzy-chick-lit story. It is a good read, but not anywhere as good as some of the other books by this author.

4. The Hunger Games
Loved this YA book. It has graphic violence, but the story is well written and the main characters compelling. Would love to be a part of a book club with young adults to discuss this book - lots of grand themes worth exploring. I will be reading the entire series.

5. Celebrate Your Creative Self
I dip into this book periodically for inspiration. Love it.

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