January 16, 2010

Disaster Recovery

The news of the devastation in Haiti has been heart breaking. Haiti was already a country in crisis. And here is yet another blow to her people. I cannot even begin to imagine the suffering that is taking place.

This week has been a crazy one at home. A leak from a frozen pipe has created serious water damage in a room downstairs. Yes, a room that was recently renovated. Yesterday the guys from the Disaster Recovery Team pulled up the floor, cut away huge chunks of the walls, ripped out wet insulation, and installed large fans and dehumidifiers that need to run for several days in an effort to dry the room out. Of course this sucks. But watching the news from Haiti puts the concept of disaster recovery into sharp perspective.


kreativekandy said...

My sentiments exactly. Has this little country and her people not had enough strife?
Love the collage, imagery is beautiful and the statement resounding.

Kisiwa said...