January 28, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Plain Truth
I found this story of family, faith and loss set among the Amish, an interesting read. I know so little about this community and enjoyed learning more about their traditions. This book is not as well written as some of her other ones, but an enjoyable read nonetheless.

2. What the Dead Know
What is the difference between a mystery and crime novel? Gather that this book is in the crime genre. While I found the story interesting, in the end did not find this a satisfying read. The ending simply did not grok.

3. Creative Awakenings
Envisioning the life of your dreams through art. Twelve artists go through the process and record their experiences. An interesting look at how these artists create.

1 comment:

kreativekandy said...

Elizabeth-I liked the Plain Truth. It was well researched and I felt the same way regarding learning about another culture. I like books that are entertaining, but you end up learning something new.
I'm disappointed that I can't meet with the art journal group. Burlington is too far for me. Between school and work-- I need something more local. I'll check out the other two books.:)Jane