February 1, 2015

CY365 | January Done

Are you playing along with the CY365 project? You can read more about what I'm doing here.

Here is another week of 2015 Captured.

25/365 - 012515 #Resolve #cy365
My resolve to be sugar free gets challenged daily. I did walk away without getting one though, and am inordinately proud of myself.

26/365 - 012615 #Move #cy365
Birds do it. Bees do it. Wildebeest do it. Migrate I mean. What did you think I meant? In our house dishes move with the season. I'm always a little sad when the Xmas dishes are packed away.

27/365 - 012715 #Nourishing #cy365
There is something magical about cheese toast, especially as a snack while shoveling out from under 30 inches of snow.

28/365 - 012815 #Play #cy365
After shoveling out from under three feet of snow, am simply too tired to play.

29/365 - 012915 #Tethered #cy365
One of these headphones tethers me to the larger world of audiobooks, podcasts, music and videos everyday.

30/365 - 013015 #Commitment #cy365

31/365 - 013115 #OneDone #cy365
I am happy getting on the treadmill when it's bitterly cold outside. One mile done, four more to go.

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