February 27, 2015

CY365 | February Update

Are you playing along with the CY365 project? You can read more about what I'm doing here.

Here is another week of 2015 Captured.

46/365 - 021515 #DepthOfField #cy365 #nofilter

47/365 - 021615 #OffPrompt #cy365
Second batch of roasted chickpeas. First batch too crunchy, this batch not crunchy enough. Neither batch spicy enough. Three times a charm? #foodie

48/365 - 021715 #Wide #cy365
One of my fave things is getting snail mail from friends far and wide.

49/365 - 021815 #OffPrompt #cy365
Not a roof rake to be had in New England, so we made our own. Only three more tons to go. #newinter

50/365 - 021915 #IsolateIt #cy365
At my annual physical noticed how bio hazardous waste is isolated.

51/365 - 022015 #OffPrompt #cy365
After another day of shoveling and raking about three tons of snow off the roof, I can barely raise my arms, so a quick photo of my version of a gel pack for long duration exercise will have to do.

52/365 - 022115 #Indistinct #cy365
The paperwhites have been in full bloom for a week now. Sometimes I love how they smell, and other times they smell like something rancid.

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