February 12, 2015

Cinemascope: My Cousin Vinny

Cinemascope is a regular blog post where I will share with you movies and TV shows I think are worth watching.

Released in 1992.

Plot line: Two New Yorkers are accused of murder in rural Alabama while on their way back to college, and one of their cousins--an inexperienced, loudmouth lawyer not accustomed to Southern rules and manners--comes in to defend them.

If you are an American Football fan, you'll have heard all about Deflategate, and whatever you happen to think about that, you must admit that the one of the most interesting things about it was that the Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, mentioned a character from this movie. And named her in full: Mona Lisa Vito. I've seen the movies a couple of times, and I could not have come up with the name of the character played by Marisa Tomei if my life depended on it, even though I can faithfully recite entire lines from the movie. So, naturally, I had to watch the movie again, and I must say that it holds up quite well, and Tomei is as brilliant as I remember. 

You can see the trailer here. If you have yet to see it, this is a movie worth watching.

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