February 17, 2015

CY365 | February Update

Are you playing along with the CY365 project? You can read more about what I'm doing here.

Here is another week of 2015 Captured.

39/365 - 020815 #Pink #cy365
Pink is not a color you'll usually find in our home, so was delighted when I realized that the candles we're currently using for dinner were pink. #serendipity

40/365 - 020915 #SoLovely #cy365
It is so lovely to be able to look at Daffys after another bout of shoveling snow. We have had an unbelievable couple of weeks.

41/365 - 021015 #Striking #cy365
In my Cardinal outfit for another round of shoveling. Five feet in the last two weeks, and more on the way on Friday!

42/365 - 021115 #Cozy #cy365
Winning a half a billion (that's with a b) bucks would make me feel a lot of things; cozy might be one I suppose. #powerball #fingerscrossed

43/365 - 021215 #AFavorite #cy365
My absolute fave vest; one I would wear everyday if I could. Am dreading the day it will wear out.

44/365 - 021315 #OffPrompt #cy365
A bowl of fruit and Greek yogurt is my go to fave snack year round. #delish

45/365 - 021415 #AValentine #cy365
In the midst of winter storm #4. Sukiyaki valentine dinner at home. #delish

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