February 10, 2015

CY365 | February Update

Are you playing along with the CY365 project? You can read more about what I'm doing here.

Here is another week of 2015 Captured.

32/365 - 020115 #IHeart #cy365 
I heart my library cards and use them daily - in person and online.

33/365 - 020215 #BlurredBackgrounds #cy365
After a Sukiyaki dinner with liberal amounts of hot sake, all backgrounds look blurry to me!

34/365 - 020315 #WhereIStand #cy365
In a bookstore, after a fun book date, with one of my fave guys in the whole wide world.

35/365 - 020415 #Trees #cy365
Time to dig out the snowshoes.

36/365 - 020515 #MyView #cy365
Something I see every morning at home that let's me know that all is well in our lives #family

37/365 - 020615 #Minifigures #cy365
A recent gift from my nephew Jonah. He attached it to the bag I use everyday.

38/365 - 030715 #Gateways #cy365
Oh the wondrous and marvelous worlds that lie beyond this simple gateway!

As always, click o photos to view larger. You can also follow along with daily updates on my Instagram and Flickr accounts.

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