June 30, 2012

Tall Ships

The 4th is always a fun celebration down at the marina. More so this year as the tall ships are in town. This morning the Coast Guard academy training vessel "the Eagle" docked next to Old Ironsides. About ten boat lengths away from us. A week of sailing and checking out the tall ships. Love it.


Maria S. said...

Cool!! I'm going to try to get out on the 4th... But, I'm a little nervous about the zoo-y ness... haven't been out on a party day like this before. Did I ever tell you the story of sailing right up to Old Ironsides and seeing the captain look down at us and shoo us away? Ah, the good old days before homeland security. (ok, maybe we were a little too close... I was telling my boat mates to backoff but a keen Irishman wasn't to be swayed from checking out this "unbelievable old wooden boat". Loved his enthusiasm if not his maverick sailing!

Cynthia said...

oh! I'm so jealous. We were suppose to be up there this year but things didn't work out. Have seen some of the ships before and they are awesome. Have a great time and I'll travel vicariously with you.

Elizabeth said...

It has been a zoo out here the entire time. Lots of cop boats keeping boat traffic in a counter clockwise pattern.