June 12, 2012

Recent Reads

56. Are You My Mother?
I am a huge fan of the author, and loved Fun Home. However, this graphic book memoir about her mother did not rock me. It seemed to me that there was a wall I could not break through while reading this. I could not really tap into the emotions - and maybe that makes sense given that this time the writing is about her mother. 3 stars.

57. The Secrets of Mary Bowser
This is a book I stumbled upon while browsing my library shelves, and I really liked it. A historical novel that explores the lives of two women, one a freed slave and her owner, who were Union spies in Virginia during the Civil War. 4 stars.

58. Brief Lives
This is book #7 in the Sandman series of graphic novels. Holy moly, if it ain't an Endless road trip! I would love to spend a couple of hours romping around in the author's head. Simply astounding what he comes up with. 4 stars.

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