June 26, 2012

Seeking Shambhala

On a recent visit to the MFA, I explored the Seeking Shambhala exhibit.
I was fascinated by this sculpture by Gyatso, called "Radioactive". It is a large, seated Buddha covered in collaged stickers, announcements, advertisements, etc. Such a powerful statement of how peace of mind is corroded by materialism, distractions, greed.
Here is a close up of the head. The third eye is radioactive. Love it. (Click on photos to enlarge).


Cynthia said...

oooh! thanks so much for the visit to the MFA. What an amazing sculpture/idea. Wish I could visit but your photos wonderful and the next best thing.

Maria S said...

Gimme a call next time you're at the MFA - I'm right next door at Harvard. Maria (and thanks for this reco -- will stop by and check it out).