June 3, 2012

The other day

The other day I was home alone. There is something wonderful about solitude. Quite different than being lonely isn't it?

The other day I browsed the shelves of an indie book store. They are an endangered species that will not be around for long. I wonder if I should get my picture taken in each one. Kinda like the big game hunters did.

The other day I had a long chat with my nieces. They each recommended books that I must read. So my TBR pile just got bigger. Wonder when it will come crashing down. Hope there are no toes nearby when that happens.

The other day I spent my first night of the season on the boat. There is something primal about being gently rocked to sleep.

The other day I lounged about reading all day.

The other day I unplugged my phone. I listened to birdsong and music instead.

The other day I met up with some readers. We were strangers when we met, but fellow travelers by the end of the night. There was much laughter and wonderful book talk.

The other day I met my loved one at the airport. There is something wonderful about homecomings no?

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