February 17, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Quantum Wellness
I really enjoyed this book - like the author's idea of leaning into better habits - upgrading as we go along. Reading this book brought up - again - the idea of giving up meat and animal products. While I have added much more fruit, nuts and veggies to my diet, the idea of giving up on meat stops me cold. Yes, I am aware of the horrible methods of factory farming. But give up meat completely? Something I will try to lean into this year and see what happens.

2. The Duchess of Whimsy
Cute story of a not-a-run-of-the-mill fairy tale with incredible illustrations. And nope, did not read this with the kids - read it just for me.

3. The Geometry of God
Loved this book. It is clever and insightful and brilliantly written. Was delighted that I was reading this on Darwin's birthday this year - it gave me much to think about.

4. Fun Home
Am re-reading this book for my book club this month. Loved it. Just goes to show that graphic novels are as valid a genre as anything else.

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