February 21, 2010

Invisibility One

The boys were over for a sleepover last week, during school vacation. We lucked out - got about 8 inches of snow the day before, so in addition to building snowmen and having snowball fights, we decided to build an igloo. It was done in 2 phases. On day 1, we built the shell and used the tarp to cover the opening for added protection. The flag was planted and Luke named it Invisibility One. On day 2, we decided to extend the igloo and added a narrow tunnel. Was hard work, but so very awesome.

You can see pics from the project here.


Angela Kutty said...

wow! awesome job guys!! looks like you all enjoyed the snow and used it to full use :)

Maria said...

Looks like so much fun! What awesome builders-four are you!

Alas, we have a flood watch on for the next 48 hrs. You too?

Kisiwa said...

Global warming - rains in Feb! - our igloo is melting! We are high enough so not in a flood watch. Good luck with yours.