February 1, 2010


Have been on a fruit kick these past several months - apples, pears, clementines. Yum.


Maria said...

Hi E-- Several things:

1. Beautiful drawing! I've been dreaming of a pear painting of some kind for my kitchen since I moved in here. Maybe I should commission you.

2. I've been feeling sad about Howard Zinn's passing. What a loss.

3. I'm on your page looking for bookclub suggestions for tonight. Tho I'm trying to stay with a John McPhee suggestion. Read his coming into the country ages ago and loved it. He's been thrown on my radar twice in the last few months, so I think it's time to catch up with him. it's a sign! Actually, noticed your mention of E Berg here & have a book of hers (What we Keep) on my shelf that I started and enjoyed but didn't go back to. (random find in a used book store) So that's another top priority & I was glad for your reco here! Thanks

4. Somehow posted a link to your blog from my igoogle page. Alas, don't use that page much but was so happy for the reminder which got me here. So much here E - a sensation for the mind and senses. Thanks -- I'm such a fan!

5. Hope your construction is going well.

& Hi to Susan.

xox, Maria

Kisiwa said...

Thanks Maria. Have not read McPhee and will look him up. The construction inches along.