February 9, 2010

Recent Reads

1. Whatcha Mean What's a Zine?
Love zines, both the paper and electronic kind. This little book reviews the history of zines and how to go about making one. Fun.

2. Heart and Soul
One of the best authors in the chick-lit genre if you ask me. I've read and enjoyed several of her books, and this one was no different. It is the story of a connected community, with trials and tribulations, and happy endings. A feel good kinda read. And sometimes we need just that.

3. The Genesis Secret
This book is not well written and has been giving me nightmares. So why did I read it till the end? Because I found it educational - the history and the science. A conspiracy only adds to the fun. The story describes some really sadist sacrificial methods that cultures throughout the ages have used to try and appease the gods. Simply horrific. I found the theory posited - an inherited cluster of genes with violent tendencies - an interesting one to ponder.

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