February 22, 2010

Reading with kids

My book club with my 7 year old nephew is cruising along. We are getting in some good reads and discussions:

1. Ghost Town at Sundown
Book #10 in Magic Tree House (MTH) series finds Jack and Annie in the Wild West among mustangs and rustlers.

2. Lions at Lunchtime
Book #11 in the MTH series finds Jack and Annie in Africa among wild animals and Masai. Luke's fave part was when Jack and Annie scared away the hyenas by making scary faces.

3. Amazing Sharks
Luke is totally into sharks and loved this book.

4. Tikki Tikki Tembo
One of the books we read at bedtime. The boys loved the story and thought the older son's name a real tongue-twister. Jonah brought the book to bed the next morning, so we could read it again.

5. Ira Sleeps Over
Another bedtime book. A lovely look at a child's first sleep over and his anxiety about whether or not he should take his teddy bear with him. Adorable.

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