February 4, 2010

Reading with kids

1. Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach
The 2nd book in the series we've read together. The boys love these books - they giggle the entire time.

2. Scaredy Squirrel at Night
The 3rd book in the series. This lovely book open up a avenue to talk to kids about nightmares - Scaredy Squirrel style. And it is full of words they do not know. Love when 5 year old Jonah used the word "decoy" in a sentence as he summarized the story.

3. Night of the Ninjas
Luke and I are reading our way through the Magic Tree House series, and this #5. Exposes kids to the idea of Ninjas and Samurai and Japan. It is Luke's fave book in the series so far. His second fave? Pirates Past Noon.

4. We're Off to Look for Aliens
The second book we have read by the author. The kids wanted it read a couple of times - they love the simple story and the fun illustrations. Jonah was puzzled that the guy would fall in love with an alien girl. Would I do that he wondered? Yes. :-)

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