September 5, 2013

One Little Word 2013: August Update

And  just like that August is over, so time for a monthly status update. Remember these were my goals for the month:

And how did I do?

Goal #1: Capture stories. This has really been a focus all year long. My project life is part of this focus, but decided to dive a little deeper with family members this month. I recorded personal stories, both public and private. In addition to learning things I did know before, this has also had the benefit of deepening relationships. And is that not what it is all about?

Goal #2: Photo walk. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun these are to do. And how easy. I explored new places and saw things differently. Definitely something that I will continue to do the rest of the year.

Goal # 3: Learn something new. As part of my video project I experimented with getting better audio for my videos. That entailed learning how to edit video and audio separately, and when I finally got it, I was quite impressed with myself.

All in all, am quite proud of my efforts and accomplishments. I hope you had a great month as well. Let's see what September has in store.

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