September 15, 2013

Delhi rape: how India's other half lives

This Guardian article is the best I've read on this issue thus far.

The news from India enrages me. The news that the defense attorney blames the victim is par for the course. As a person of Indian descent, and one who lived in India for a couple of years, and experienced "Eve teasing" on a daily basis, I am outraged but not surprised. The article quotes MJ Akbar as saying, "It is a few weeks of outrage against hundreds of years of tradition".

Well, I for one think that it is high time that some traditions are changed. I also know that they do not change without political, social and economic pressure. As part of our trip to Asia this fall, we discussed a trip to India. Maybe Goa. But not after this news. Not now. How much of a drop in tourism money will it take to help make a change? I do not know. But add mine to that bucket.

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