August 27, 2012

Unplug and smell the person next to you

Remember that old saying, stop and smell the roses? How quaint and old-fashioned no? How about smelling the real, live, carbon-based person next to you instead?

I read this interesting article, and was reminded of a birthday party where the birthday girl spent her time at the party updating her Facebook status. The entire time we were there. Why invite us to a party? We could have all gotten onto to Skype, or Google Play and celebrated the party just as well no?

There is a fire hose of data we have access to today. Via Facebook, and blogs, and tweets, and news outlets, etc, etc, etc. It is easy to get addicted to spending time with strangers online. These are after all much easier relationships to manage than the ones with the real people in our lives.

Recently I decided to take a hard look at all the input coming my way. I've created additional filters, and simply deleted input that is no longer relevant to me. That does not add value to my life in some way. These are not bad people, simply not important enough to clutter up my precious time. It has been exhilarating. Remember my recent post about quality versus quantity? Well that applies to people and relationships as well.

So, turn off those devices and screens, and be present. Smell the person next to you. What do you discover?

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