August 18, 2012

Recent Reads

87. The Age of Wonder
I'm throwing in the towel on this one after getting to hour 9 of 22 on the audio book. I quite enjoyed the audio narration (by Gildhart Jackson) of the sections with Banks and Herschel, but then the book starts to meander. I guess I was expecting something different based on the jacket description. Rating: 2 stars.

88. Girl Reading
This book has a wonderful premise - short stories based on paintings that have women with a book in their hands. The stories I read are wonderful. Am moving it to my DNF list fully expecting to come back and finish this at some point, as the writing is gorgeous. This is the problem I have with short story collections - there is no motivation to read all the way through. Then I am sucked in by another great read, and never quite get back to the story collection. Rating: 3 stars.

89. The Deep Zone
I did not find this book to be a thriller. The opposite in fact. If not for the science, and the caving details I would not have finished it. Lacks plot and the characters are so one-dimensional as to be ridiculous. Rating: 2 stars.

After what feels like a dry patch, I finally hit the jackpot with this one:
 Loving everything about it. And at 944 pages, I can wallow in this great read for a bit. Love that.

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