August 26, 2012

Recent Reads

90. Shantaram
I have been lost in this world for several days. And have been monogamous the entire time. That is unusual for me, as I usually have several books going at once. This book would not tolerate unfaithfulness. Stayed up late and finished this wonderful read last night. At 933 pages this door stop of a book is a really fast read. It is a travelogue and adventure story. A love story and a crime novel. A war story and philosophical meditations. It is about life and love, dignity and fate, choices and redemption. And just like India, the country, you will either love the book or hate it. There is no middle ground here. Rating: 5 stars.

91. The Fallen Angel
This is book #12 in the series. I worry about Gabriel Allon. He never has time for a vacation. Just as he settles into retirement (from his assassin job), and starts to restore a Caravaggio at the Vatican, he gets pulled in to investigate a murder. This slippery slope of a path leads to a reunion of his team - the wonderful members of Barak, and we are off on another fun ride that includes murder, kidnapping, terrorist plots, and pithy lines. I am a huge Allon fan, but this one does not live up the standard of the other books in this series. Rating: 3 stars.

On an unrelated note, I mistakenly requested a large print version from my library, and I might never go back!

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