August 31, 2012

Recent Reads

92. How the Irish Saved Civilization
Am about half way through this book and it has not grabbed me yet. There are informative funny bits, but the rest is simply too pedantic for my tastes. Would maybe have worked better as a long essay. Moved it to my DNF pile. Rating: 1 star.

93. Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You about Being Creative 
This is a fast and thought provoking read. Some of the material covered are things you already know. But it never hurts to be reminded. Other wonderful ideas were new to me - like the one about creating your own creative ancestors family tree. A book that I will be dipping into again for sure.  Rating: 4 stars.

94. The Expats
Maybe my expectations were set too high. Maybe I was suckered by all the glowing reviews. This is a debut novel after all.
I listened to this on audio, and alternated between being bored and annoyed. All that chatter in Kate's head! Was I the only one who wanted to hit her on the head with a saucepan? Honestly, the only reason I finished the book, and rated it 2 stars instead of 1, is because it was wonderfully narrated by Mozhan Marno. Rating: 2 stars.

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