April 18, 2010

Reading with kids

1. Dingoes at Dinnertime
In Magic Tree House (MTH) # 20, Jack and Annie end up in Australia and learn about some of the unique animals that live there. Luke's fave part was the when the Joey climbed into Jack's backpack.

2. Civil War on Sunday
MTH #21 Jack and Annie are whisked back to the Civil War where they meet Clara Barton and save the life of their very own great-great-great-grand-father. Luke's fave part was the drummer boy.

3. Jonah read two books with help: Crab Trap and Frog Cops. These are part of a series for beginner readers.

4. Stop Bugging Me
A fun book that I have read to the boys over the years. There are textures to feel and they love shouting "stop bugging me!".

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