April 26, 2010

Packing List

I use a packing list when I travel. Over the years, I've kept track of what I used and what I did not. What I wish I had brought. And now, use that list whenever I start to pack. I delete things per a specific trip, but find it easiest to start with a list than to simply wing it. Do you use a list?

These journal pages were created in Portland, Maine.


Pam said...

Yes, I always use a list!! Not quite as organized as you ... I don't have a master list (but would love to have one). Next trip, I'll save my list and add/subtract as suggested by you ... you are a master traveler!

Maria said...

My sister gave me a travel checklist pad recently since I'm a terrible packer.

Wait? Did I travel the world on biz as a terrible packer? Naw, I think I was good there. But, she still remembers when I was 16 and showed up for a week vacation at the beach without my bathing suit. (I was traumatized over that!) I guess my packing problems always appear at the beach... so she's seen the worst of it. (I made my first ever trip to walmart once when I forgot my underwear. I think I've only been to one other walmart since.) Thus her attacks on my good name!

I do use the packing checklist... and have added my own items that I tend to forget.

Anyway, mine isn't as pretty as yours.

Kisiwa said...

Where would I be without my list? Probably snackless in a dark room without my book light to read by. :-)