April 27, 2010

Journaling with kids

Last time I visited my nieces in Las Vegas I took along journals for them. They loved playing with them and we had fun journaling sessions. Decided to make them new journals for this trip. Also taking along little journals that I will teach them how to bind using a simple pamphlet stitch. It was one of the things they were interested in - how do you bind a book? Fun times ahead.

Already bound journals:

Journals to bind:


Maria said...

Very cool, E. Have fun in LV with your nieces! When will you go?

BTW, in the link I posted recently about writing she talked about all the reasons we don't getting around to doing things.. like needing/wanting the right notebook. Ouch! I love my notebooks! She had many other points that hit me updside the head.

Seeing this post I can see you've raised this "requirement" to an art form! Thank goodness I'd never go there. Cool that your nieces are into it tho. Get em hooked while you can!

My niece just went to the prom in a beautiful dress she made. She's a fearless sewer since we sewed play-dress-up-gowns together when she was a kid!

xo, Maria

Kisiwa said...

I am a book addict as well. Never really met a book I did not like. And then I decide to make my own. The fun never ends. My nieces are loving playing in their journals. Love that your niece made her prom dress - wow - that is one fearless girl alright.