April 20, 2010

Random Musings

  • It is rather incredible the effect the erupting volcano in Iceland is having on air travel. I feel bad for travelers stranded. Cannot even begin to imagine the chaos caused by the 95,000 cancelled flights. There is something rather ironic about countries sending ships to help move people about - kinda like we've gone back in time.
  • The sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church continue to escalate with news about the Pope covering up for his pedophile brother. The Pope. Who is supposed to talk directly to God. Where are the outraged congregations calling for a total overhaul of the system? Can one impeach the Pope?
  • On a more positive note Kenyans did well in the Boston Marathon. Salina Kosgei finished third for the women, while Robert Cheruiyot was the first man to cross the finish line. Dang good finishes on all races too. Was singing the Kenyan national anthem all day. Umm, you might think that watching all that running would make me want to go out for a run. You would be wrong.

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