April 1, 2010


is National Letter Writing Month.

Remember the days when we actually got interesting things in the mail, not just junk and bills (which could also be classified as junk I suppose)? Well, here is your chance to make someone's day. How else can you spread such joy for a mere 44 cents?

As a kid I used to have several pen pals. Remember those? I loved hearing about their lives, countries and oh the delight of those stamps from far away places! I do believe that those stamps gave me the travel bug I have to this day.

Yes, phones and email have made getting in touch much easier and more immediate. But I think something is lost in the process. Where is the magic of getting something in the mail? The cancelled stamps. The sense that the letter traveled through many hands, lands, oceans?

So, if it has been a while since you wrote a letter, or even a postcard, here is your month. Reach out and touch someone. Happy writing!

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