March 31, 2015

CY365 | March Update

Are you playing along with the CY365 project? You can read more about what I'm doing here.

Here is another week of 2015 Captured.

67/365 - 030815 #Green #cy365
Gift cards to Indie bookstores make me happy.

68/365 - 030915 #Lime #cy365
A rather literal interpretation. Lime and friends.

69/365 - 031015 #OffPrompt #cy365
It has been all about pills, naps, mugs of tea, and bad movies today.

70/365 - 031115 #OffPrompt #cy365

70/365 - 031215 #Texture #cy365
A sad thing about this nasty bug is that my taste buds are not working. Everything tastes like oatmeal, so decided to have just that with some added tidbits for additional texture.

71/365 - 031315 #OnTheEdge #cy365
The hard part after reading a great book is deciding what to read next. #bookstagram #shelfie

72/365 - 031415 #Pi #cy365
The date just makes me happy. On this rainy and dreary day we made a roaring fire to celebrate Pi day.

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