September 30, 2014

Journal page

The thing about art is that it helps to center me when I am out of sorts. I created this page over several weeks, a little bit at a time. The page started with some leftover acrylic paint slapped on from another project. Then I added the girl in pencil. Decided I wanted her to be in the background of a two page spread, so added text blocks with white acrylic paint.

While reading Americanah, I came across a quote that I thought would be perfect to use for these pages, so made a note of it. Added it to the white text blocks with a blue pen, and played with the font by simply making lines thicker. 

The girl on the left side of the spread was inspired by a singer in a magazine. Added texture to her dress with a pencil, then painted her in with watercolors. Added in some shapes and colored them with Sharpie Flip Chart makers. Gave the layout a black border with the same, and added textured white dots using the end of a paintbrush dipped in white acrylic paint.

Here is the completed spread. A true mixed media project.

As always, click on any image to view larger.

Mixed media in my large single signature art journal.

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