July 25, 2012

Recent Reads

80. Go the Fuck to Sleep
Cute. Can understand the frustration, but does anyone actually read this book to a child? Rating: 2/5 stars.

81. Tangles: a story about Alzheimer's, my mother, and me
Ever since reading Still Alice, I've been fascinated by early onset Alzheimer's, and I really liked this graphic novel. The art is not why you would read this book - very simple black and white sketches, but the honesty and pain shines through. This memoir is told in short story/vignettes form, and sheds light on the effects of this disease on the patient and their family. Well worth the read. Rating: 4/5 stars.

82. The Age of Miracles 
 I really should just stay away from books with great buzz. The premise is an interesting one. Something causes the Earth to slow its rotation, so days are no longer just 24 hours. Some people decide to keep clock time, while others keep real time. This coming of age novel started out promisingly enough, and then proceeded to bore me. Was I the only one to find the science inaccuracies annoying? The reason that I gave this book two stars and not one, is that the author has paragraphs that are beautifully written. Rating: 2/5 stars.

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