July 15, 2012


After years of squealing about how cold the waters are in the harbors around here, I had one of those aha moments the other day. We were off George's Island, and even though the heat has been incredible this summer, the water temps are not warm. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It was measured at 67.5F today. And that is about as high as it gets all year around.

Now I'm an equatorial gal when it comes to water temps. I don't do well in cold water. I do jump in, but don't last very long. Which leads me to the brainwave I had the other day. Why not get a wetsuit? Yeah, I'm sure that was a fairly obvious solution to many. But I'm kinda slow - I mean I have lived in the area for about half my life at this point!

I've read up on wetsuits. Watched videos on how to put them on - who knew these kinds of video existed? I especially recommend the ones that show how surfer babes do it. I'm just saying. If you're gonna watch, might as well have fun while doing it. I even pinged a friend for advice. Several days later - I'm moving fast to make up for all those lost years of ocean swimming - I went to the local store, tried on several, and bought one.
 So what does this journal page have to do with anything? The face on the woman captures my "duh" expression perfectly. And in case you were wondering, I do not look as fab as those surfer babes. But give me time my friends. Give me time.

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