July 13, 2012

The Other Day

The other day I sipped some delish homemade ginger lemonade. So very refreshing.

The other day I watched the sun set in a burst of pinks and reds and purples, and pondered how to create those hues with my paint palette.
The other day there was a letter and a postcard in the mail. One of my fave things.

The other day the summer sun felt like it was burning my skin and drove me inside. What is going on with the weather? Boston does not normally get this hot. Canada beckons.

The other day I dipped my toes in the waters off George's Island. So cold. Am considering getting me a wetsuit. Then watched a video on how to put them on and take them off. Hmm. Seems rather complicated.

The other day the library system crashed, and the librarians had to write down all the data. By hand. Glad it was not me doing that.

The other day I met up some a group of readers and shared a world that only readers know about. A magical, wonderous world it is.

The other day the temperature dropped low enough at night to snug. Like bugs in a rug.

The other day I realized that I need more snacks for the boat. Someone is eating them faster than I can stock them.

The other day the hummingbirds were at the feeder. I could watch those little bodies with such fast wings for ages.

The other day there were seven bunnies, with large ears, on my early morning walk.

The other day Babes and I explored paths not yet plowed.

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