August 20, 2013

5 Great Airplane Reads

I love to read and usually have several books going at once. What to read next is never a question that stumps me. My to-be-read pile is simply too long. When I travel however, it is not that easy. I tend to have a different criteria for books depending on the length of my trip, the mode of transportation, my traveling companions, location, etc. 

I read this Slate article with interest, as I spent several hours trying to decide what books I would take on a trip this week. I will be traveling solo across the US to visit family for a week. So that automatically eliminates a huge part of my stack. My selections have to be thrillers, or plot driven. No navel gazing. No classics. Nothing too complex. What I'm in search of is the perfect airplane read. A book that keeps me engrossed and entertained and makes the time fly by. One that makes me forget that I'm packed like a sardine in a metal tube hurtling at ridiculous speeds at nose bleed heights. 

The great news is that unlike days of old when I had take into account luggage space and weight when it came to packing my books, these days, I simply add them to my nook ereader. I think I've got about six hundred books on it already. There has to be something on it that fits the bill right?

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