September 23, 2012

Recent Reads

99. The Sketchbook Challenge
I participate in The Sketchbook Challenge online, so was interested to read this book. The book is divided into themes or topics. A couple of artists interpret that theme in their sketchbook, and then create a final project. I found that I liked the sketchbook pages/sections much better than the final works. If you are interested in how artists play in their sketchbooks give this a look. Rating: 3 stars.

100. The Fifth Witness 
I listened to the audio version wonderfully narrated by Peter Giles. This is book #4 in the Mickey Haller series, and is a fast read. The audio is 12 hours but seemed to fly by. Interesting story, but not much in terms of flushing out the characters. As usual, the ending seems rather abrupt. If you already like the series, you will like this one too. Rating: 3 stars.

101. Wide Open 
This is not a book per se, rather a stack of cards that prompts you think about how you use your art journal. I own this set, and tend to read through them about twice a year. Have yet to use the notebook, as I prefer to make my own journals. A fun way use creative prompts.  Rating: 4 stars.

102. Hey World, Here I Am! 
A delightful little book of poems and journal entries by a young girl trying to figure out the world around her. Much of her ruminations are spot on. As a journal keeper from a very young age, I approve.  Rating: 4 stars.

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