September 12, 2012

Madeline Miller: Writing at Six Miles an Hour

I read an interesting post by Madeline Miller. Click here to read it.

A couple of things struck me while reading this post:
One) I can so relate to people telling me that I should be doing something other than reading. Some of my fave examples are:
    • How can you sit inside reading while it is such a beautiful day outside?
    • You came all the way to Goa to sit on the beach and read?
    • Reading is a rather antisocial activity don't you think? 
And Two) As a beginner runner, the very idea of running six miles an hour is mind boggling. Forget about all that creative output after. Whatever. Six miles an hour? I'm working on running a 5K without walking.

So my lessons learned are:
One) You can never really explain why you are reading to a non-reader, so why waste your breath?
And Two) Comparison is the thief of happiness.

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